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Warehouse Liability Disclosure

Armina Stone offers customers the opportunity to view and personally select material. Viewing of material occurs in working warehouse and outside warehouse yard (warehouse) where potentially hazardous conditions may exist. In order to provide the best possible viewing experience, Armina Stone requires customers to observe the following safety rules and acknowledge that they (the customer) assume all risks and liabilities inherent to a working warehouse.


  1. All visitors must be accompanied by an Armina Stone representative at all times.
  2. Children under the age of 12 are not permitted in the warehouse.
  3. Visitors are not to assist employees in any material handling activities. No exceptions.
  4. Customers must maintain a 20-foot safety zone from unsecured slabs, including slabs held in a clamp (crane or forklift). Avoid the fall shadow: the area under and around a slab or slabs where you could be struck or crushed if the slab(s) were to fall.
  5. Visitors may not handle, move or lean on any material in the warehouse or outside perimeter.
  6. Smoking is prohibited indoors and on all Armina Stone property except for specially designated areas.


Please read and sign below.

I understand and acknowledge that I have been informed that this Armina Stone is a manufacturing warehouse facility with all the hazards associated with storing, moving, and handling stone slabs and products. I agree to accept any and all risks of property damage, personal injury, or death associated with stone warehouse hazards and hereby release and hold harmless Armina Stone from all losses, claims, liability, and damages to persons or property caused by such stone warehouse hazards. I agree to abide by the rules listed above and follow any instructions from Armina Stone staff as they relate to my health and safety.

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