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The Countertop Process

The beautiful countertop that is installed in your kitchen or bathroom undergoes an extensive process to achieve the finished product. The convenience of our one-stop-shop allows for more control over the process to ensure an efficient quality experience. Below outlines what you can expect during your experience with us.


Once you have made your showroom appointment with one of our stone experts, the hunt for the perfect stone is on! At this time, we recommend bringing along any materials such as cabinet and floor samples, paint swatches and backsplash tile you may have for your kitchen design. Our staff is very knowledgeable and will assist with design ideas and recommendations.


Your in-home template appointment may require up to 2 hours, and the actual cost of your countertops will be determined after the template has been completed. This is the time to discuss the project details and any special installation requirements including accurate cut-outs and possible removal of existing countertops.

To avoid any possible delays or additional charges, we recommend that the following preparations for template be followed:
  • All cabinets must be installed (including end dishwasher support panel if necessary), secured and leveled (within ¼” over a 10’ span horizontally & diagonally).
  • Cabinets and/or existing countertops must be cleared on top.
  • If old counter is still on, we cannot guarantee that it is level underneath (if over 14” out of level you must level the cabinets).
  • Sinks and/or cooktops must be on-site (unless sink is provided by us).
  • Farm sinks/Cast iron/Fireclay sinks must be installed and in a cradle in its permanent position.
  • If choosing a mitered built-up edge, the plywood build up must be completed before template.
  • A decision-maker over the age of 18 must be on-site to confirm all order details.
  • No changes made after template.
  • If your order requires Granite/Quartz/Dekton full-height backsplash, a riser between two tops, or stone meeting existing tile work, it will be measured at time of countertop install. The backsplash will be installed at a later date.
  • Material from sink and cooktop cutouts are not part of the finished product due to possible breakage and will not be made available.
  • If you are purchasing the plumbing reconnect service please be aware that changing configuration or depth of sink may result in additional charges. These fees are to be handled directly with the plumber performing the service and at the time of the service.

Dependent on the materials chosen, we offer the option of a digital layout. For a small charge, this ensures the best appearance and proper flow of the natural characteristics in the stone and allows the customer to see exactly how it will look. This is sent to the customer via email approximately 24-48 hours prior to fabrication and will need approval to maintain the scheduled install date.


Once you have approved the digital layout, we move forward with the fabrication stage. Art meets technology to generate the optimal finished product. Our state-of-the-art stone cutting gives us the power to be precise and efficient for a quick turnaround. Laser-jet saws slice through stones according to the programmed layout, then hand-polished to perfection. Each finished piece is carefully inspected to send out for final installation.

We will contact you to schedule installation. Here are the requirements to prepare for your countertop installation:
  • All appliances must be on-site, but not installed.
  • Clear a pathway between the job site and the closest entrance. Stone is heavy, so we try to minimize maneuvering while carrying the individual sections of countertop into your kitchen or bathroom.
  • If you have existing countertops, they will need to be removed prior to our arrival and ensure the cabinets are level.
  • If you have small children and pets, for their safety, please make them not to come in the way of carrying the stone.
  • You may need to cover nearby furniture or article to protect them from dust.
  • Homeowner or decisionmaker needs to be present during the installation process.

If removal of existing countertops is part of our project, our team will carefully remove them from the cabinets, trying their best to avoid any damage to the cabinet or wall. If you have laminate counters with backsplash, sometimes a bit of the wall plaster will come off with the old counters. Don’t worry; usually your new granite or tile backsplash will cover up those marks. If not, they are easy to patch by your contractor.

Some cutouts may be partially or completely created in your home after installing your countertop. This is done to ensure safe handling and/or the best placement of the cutout.

Your countertop is secured to the substrate using common construction adhesives like silicone. There may be odor from the epoxy used for seams and solvents used to clean your new countertop.

If your installation includes a full-height backsplash, measurements for the backsplash will be taken at countertop installation. Upper cabinets and range hood/ microwave combinations must be installed prior to measuring for the full-height backsplash to secure the best fit.


After the installation we want you to perform a thorough inspection of your new countertops. We want you to be absolutely satisfied with our work!